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Seven Questions for Mr. Darrell Stern: Marketing Expert of Highly Successful US Inbound Marketing Agency Stern LLC


After connecting with Darrell Stern of Stern LLC and exchanging messages on Twitter; I was immediately impressed by Darrell’s professional ability to plan, organize and execute initiatives with cunning precision.
Mr. Stern has truly created the ultimate marketing machine. Darrell is the curator of ‘Stern LLC’ Inbound marketing Agency. His ability to brainstorm new ideas, strategize, execute, measure and succeed consistently affords him a vast list of totally satisfied clients.
Darrell has been working closely with me to use every form of online technology and social media to successfully promote my brand name to US markets.

You can view Darrell’s Tips for Developing a Content Marketing Strategy here:

Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation on Experience Pros Radio Show Denver Colorado from Stern LLC on Vimeo.

I am so pleased with Darrell’s proven track record of success.
Read below for my interview with Mr. Darrell Stern….

Seven Questions for Mr. Darrell Stern, Marketing Expert & Curator of Highly Successful US Inbound Marketing Agency Stern LLC

1. How long have you been committed to helping people ‘diversify their digital footprint’?

I have been a computer programmer since 1983 when I got an Atari 400 and a cassette tape drive for Christmas. In 2002 I started my own digital marketing agency and I have been helping businesses succeed online through creative digital, social and content marketing ever since.
My slogan “diversify your digital footprint” comes from my idea that we can put your brand and your message across many website domains and social media accounts in such a way as to dominate an industry. My method has helped hundreds of companies over the past decade increase their brand awareness and gather more leads, sales and profits than any other agency in the United States.

2. As a successful owner of an inbound marketing agency, what motivates/drives you to do this?

My amazing clients and my desire to do ethical and professional marketing online drive me. When one of my clients calls me to say that they are still receiving leads thanks to the SEO work we did a year ago, I feel proud to have helped and I keep pushing further to be creative and help my clients succeed.

3. Can you tell us one of your ‘top tips’ for truly effective content marketing?

Blogging and content marketing have to have a strategic marketing plan. It is not enough to just publish and publish articles about your industry. You must first look at how your target audience behaves on the web and what they will respond too. Also, there has to be some SEO work done on every blog along with marketing “spin” and a call to action.

Otherwise we are left with just a nice big blog that people read and think “thank you for sharing”. You want your content to MOVE your readers to ACT and INTERACT with you.

After all, Marketing is the Art of starting meaningful conversations.

4. Why is responsive web design important for businesses and websites in the digital age we live in?

WAY back when we started, there were two basic screen sizes, 640 x 480 and 800 x 600 pixels. And even then, we had to make decisions about design including font size, and layout to accommodate the different ways people use their PCs or Macs.
Today, the only real difference between your desktop, laptop and smartphone is the screen size. Responsive web design makes sure your website design responds to screen width like bubbles floating in a pool.
The bubbles of content float and when put into a narrower container; they react but are still usable and visible. By creating ONE design that works on all devices, we are not making Google think we are copying our content to create a mobile compatible website.

Responsive web design now IS web design. One cannot really be done without the other.

5. What do you say to companies who feel overwhelmed by social media and the Internet?

Well, its pretty big now isn’t it? Facebook Twitter Pinterest Vine LinkedIn Blogging Landing Page CRM Marketing Automation…

How do you sort all of this out?
The first answer is don’t worry about any of it and make sure you have a great message and a great social media marketing plan. Make sure you know whom you are marketing to.

One of the things I have been complimented on is that I take a total look at everything and make everything work together.
The problem with most businesses looking to market online is that the website designer wants to do one thing at one cost, the social media agency adds more cost, and the SEO people charge even more.

The problem is all of these people are not working TOGETHER for your business. They all have their own agenda.

I believe marketing online has to COMPBINE everything together to really work. I use EVERYTHING to marketing your business in a streamlined process that really gets results.

6. Are there any key steps to maximize the income potential of an online store? – In your experience what do people have the most success selling online?

I will start with the second question. Perseverance and dedication work in the end in digital marketing. And strategy and creativity with a dose of fun help as well. To grow a business you have to have a six-month plan, a one-year plan, a five-year plan, and even a ten-year plan. The clients that I have worked with COLLABORATE with me and put in just as much time and effort as I do. I then also track my progress and my clients happiness with a CRM system that works well for me at keeping me in the loop with my customers, as well as them continuing to be informed about my offers, products, services etc. If you have a growing business, sometimes having a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) and therefore strong relationships with customers, can be the difference if your customers return or proceed to move on to the next company that offers similar services. That[‘s why I suggest to look into the benefits between HubSpost vs Salesforce or other CRM providers, as you can see which tool could be the best for bettering your relationships in business. Using this CRM system and other techniques is what has worked for me personally, but different platforms work differently for other people and business types, so make sure to do some thorough research.

In terms of E Commerce and selling online, use Shopify so you are not up late dealing with server and payment issues. Choose a RESPONSIVE theme.

And then TELL people about your products in a fun creative way. Keep at it and you will succeed.

7. What are you working on now & what is next for you?

My reputation is growing in Denver and the rest of the world as a person who is determined to WIN when it comes to Inbound Marketing and Design.
Next I am looking at hiring more employees and moving into office space in Downtown Denver. I am creating an agency with ethics and pride. We get the job done and we have fun doing it.

Next I hope to work more with you Theresa and with actors, business owners, retail stores and everyone who has a vision and wants to collaborate in a creative way to achieve it.

-Darrell Stern

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Responsive Web Design | Inbound Marketing | Content Marketing | Social Media Marketing

Thanks Darrell!! It is awesome to work with you on exciting projects! You are truly talented!

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